Enjoy Black Heaven Experience in MapleStory

The next chapter of MapleStory’s Black Heaven content brings the epic Act 3, which features a variety of gameplay elements including the daring rescue of wounded soldiers, defeating fierce monsters, and a new type of combat: Side-scrolling aerial battles. More maplestory guide at formaplestoryguide.com.
Defend the Maple Alliance’s airship Lumiere from enemy androids, then take to the skies to go head-to-head with Black Heaven! Act 3 is available now.
Table of Contents
Black Heaven
Acts 1 and 2
Act 3
Resistance Revamps
Battle Mage
Wild Hunter
Skill Changes
Dual Blade
Demon Avenger
Demon Slayer
Angelic Buster
Additional Updates
Maple Talk
Medal of Honor Changes
Maple Rewards Cap Increase
Maple Rewards
Black Heaven Events
Black Heaven Ignition Package
Black Heaven – A Game of Destiny!
Black Heaven Attendance Check

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